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I have stopped work on this project -- the original description follows this explanation:
This is the email that I sent to https://sense.com/

Congratulations on your development.
I know it will work.
In fact, I have done what you have done.
With one minor difference - you completed yours !!

Having spent 13 years off and on with this concept (more off than on). I am relieved to see completion. I have ordered your sense system with solar and expect delivery within a day.

In 2004 I was developing substation controls and an engineer (John Richards) came to me and said the company was being required by the PUC to do an audit of equipment in people's homes and he imagined a computer hanging off transformers that analyzed the signatures of the different equipment and logged the times and amps of each. As it turned out we didn't have to do an audit. He has retired since. But his idea stuck with me. I started with an amp clamp and voltage transformer tied to a PC stereo sound card. At 44100 Hz, I could get 735 samples per cycle. I Used the previous cycle as base line to look for changes in amps, volts, reactance, peak location, area and additional cycles to track peak and decay amps and reactance changes. I was recognizing lamps turning on and off, and I was excited to recognize my fax machine when it started up. About 2 seconds later realized I needed to filter out the carriage return / line feeds from my log. I know you've been there. I see you are using an 1GHz ARM processor. I'll bet that is a Raspberry PI under the cover. My Pi is setting near my desk connected to a Analog Devices 4 channel ADC with a driver that I can't get to load. I have 3 sets of split coil current amps. All of them too bulky to fit in my control panel. Two sets cost more than your entire product.

From my web page:
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The name BBMonitor is short for Big Brother Monitor. (George Orwell 1984 -- Big Brother is watching you.) Although this has negative connotations, if connected at the local power meter, it monitors electrical usage and reports back to you and thus allows you to be more energy conscious. If connected at a transformer, it could be used by local utilities to better predict area usage and would be more accurate than a "survey". It may have wider applications such as predictive maintenance testing of in-service motors, generators, and other reactive or resistive loads.

You came from voice recognition -- I meandered through bird song recognition:

I am going to take you up on your statement:
We welcome any and all feedback, just drop us a note

I suspect I am going to need you in a month or two. I ordered a solar system with a battery backup for 4-20 amp circuits. Two years and 4 months, one PUC testimony, and one PUC complaint later (see attached email) the utility "welcomed" me. I have signed the contract. In the meantime the battery is in its third configuration. But installation is still not scheduled. (I think early adaptor might be the phrase used.) This is a link to the owner's manual: https://www.google.com/search?q=Powerwall+2_AC_Owners_Manual_E.pdf&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 Page 9 is an overly simplified schematic.

I would like to see you in 3 phase and heavy industrial analysis and I know you will get there. I recommend the Rogowski coil because of its ability to handle overcurrent, but you will have to integrate it.

If I can help you in any way, I will be glad to.
Thank you, best wishes and Congratulations !!

Gerard Gilliland

BBMonitor: Monitor energy usage and build Energy Profiles.


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