Citizen’s Oil and Gas Monitor:

I see this as a "citizen" monitoring system. The concept is to monitor Air Particles, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and Sound levels in real-time. Five second data averaged each minute. Sound is maximum for the minute and updated each minute. The intent is to keep the driller and producer honest in their commitment to low air particles, noise, and VOCs. Each system can be built for less than $200 and uses their router and internet connection. The data is sent to a server each minute and displayed along with other monitors on Google Maps. The markers shown on the maps display I (information), W (warning), or A (alarm) and are updated each minute. When clicked they display the last known data for the System Inputs shown below. A plot button displays the last 24 hours.

System Inputs:

PM2.5 Air Particle Sensor
  PM 0.3--1.0 um
  PM 1.0--2.5 um
  PM 2.5—10.0 um
BME680 Air Quality
  Temperature Degrees F
  Pressure Pa
  Relative Humidity Percent
  Resistance Ohms
  Quality Percent (function of Resistance, and Relative Humidity)
  VOCs PPM (Function of Quality)
USB Microphone
  Sound maximum dB
  Freq at maximum dB Hz

I don't attempt to read BTEX components. (Benzene, Toluene, EthylBenzene, and Xylenes) They will need to be monitored by Broomfield using canisters near the well areas and analyzed using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry after the fact. But BTEX is proportional to VOCs. Broomfield should be notified and one should stay indoors if VOCs rise.

Please see: or click Map under Contents on the left. (A work in progress.) Only the marker in the South West Corner is operable (the rest are "fake news") and it is in development so it could / will be missing data depending on when you access it. Click on the marker to see the above values. Click on Plot button to see the last 24 hours.


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Not part of the system but needed to make it work:

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Status:This is a project in progress.

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Completed Monitor
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Inside Monitor
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Monitor Pinout
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GPIO Pinout
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