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WarWords is a subset of war and violence words, phrases, and metaphors found in:
https://myvocabulary.com/ (word-lists: War and Violence) -- used with permission
And http://knowgramming.com/war_metaphors.htm -- used with permission*
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act of war, aim, allies, ambush, ammunition, annihilate, ar-15, armament, armed forces, armory, arms, arsenal, artillery, assassin, assassinate, assault, attrition, ballistic, barrage, barricade, battalion, batter, battle, battlefield, battleground, bayonet, beseiged, bite the bullet, bite the cartridge, blast, blindside, blockade, bloodletting, bloody, blow up, bomb, bombard, bombardment, bombshell, boobytrap, breach, break, brigade, brute, bullet, bulletproof, bully, bunker, camouflage, cannon, captive, capture, carbine, careen, carnage, casualties, casualty, cataclysm, catch-22, ceasefire, charge, charred, checkpoint, chief, chip on her shoulder, chip on his shoulder, chip on their shoulder, chip on your shoulder, chopper, christian soldier, civilian, clandestine, clash, coalition, collapse, combat, command, commander, commando, compassion, compliance, concussion, conflagration, conflict, confrontation, confrontational, confusion, conquer, conscript, conscription, consequence, conspiracy, conspire, control, convoy, corps, corpse, counterattack, countermand, counteroffensive, crash, cross-hair, crossfire, crusade, culpability, customs war, deadly, death, debacle, deception, defect, defend, defense, defensive, demolish, demoralization, demoralize, deploy, desertion, destroy, destruction, detect, detection, detente, devastation, dictator, dictatorship, die, disarmament, disarray, disaster, disastrous, discipline, dismantle, dispatch, disperse, dissonance, dominate, domination, doom, doomed, downfall, dread, drone, dud, duty, elite, encounter, enemy, enforce, enforcement, engagement, enlist, epithet, escalate, escalation, espionage, execute, execution, explode, exploitation, explosion, explosive, expunge, extremism, faction, fanatic, fatal, fend, fend off, ferment, ferocious, feud, field of bullets, fiery, fight, fighter, firestorm, flank, flee, flight, fog of war, force, forceful, fortification, fought, fought off, foxhole, fray, frenzy, fright, front line, frontline, fuel, fugitive, furtive, fusillade, gang, gangupon, garrison, gas, generator, genocide, germwarfare, global war on, global war on terror, gore, grave, grenade, grievous, groans, ground zero, guard, guerrilla, guidedbomb, gun, gunship, hair trigger, hair-trigger, hammering, harass, harsh, hatch, hate, hatred, hazard, helicopter, hero, heroic, heroism, high caliber, high-caliber, hijack, hijacker, hit, hit-and-run, holocaust, horror, horses, hospitalize, hostile, hostility, howitzer, hurt, ignite, impact, improvise, incite, incontrovertible, infanticide, infantry, inferred, infiltrate, inflame, informant, insurgent, insurrection, intelligence, intercept, interdiction, interrogation, intervene, intimidate, invasion, ire, jeer, jet, join the ranks, just war, kamikaze, keen, keening, kidnap, kill, killing, knife, knives, knock-out, lamentation, landmine, laser, laser-activated, launch, launcher, liaison, liberate, liberation, liberator, long shot, loyal, loyalty, macabre, machinegun, maim, malevolent, malicious, maraud, marauding, march, massacre, mayhem, megalomania, menace, menacing, militancy, militant, militaristic, military, militia, mines, missile, missile address, mission, mob, mobilization, momentum, mortar, munition, murder, muscle, musket, mustard gas, nationalist, neutralize, nightmare, nitrate, no-man's land, no-win situation, notorious, obliterate, offensive, officer, onerous, operation, opposition, order, out of control, outbreak, overrun, overthrow, pacify, paramedics, partisan, patriot, patriotism, patrol, peacekeeping, penetrate, penetration, persecute, petrify, pistol, plane, platoon, plunder, poison pill, position, post-traumatic, potent, pound, powder, powder keg, power, powerful, preemptive, premeditate, premeditated, prey, prison, prisoner, proliferation, provocation, prowl, ptsd, pugnacious, pulverize, pushing, pyrrhic victory, quarrel, queasy, quell, quest, quiver, radiation, radical, rage, rally, ravage, ravish, readiness, rebel, rebellion, reconnaissance, recovery, recruit, recruitment, red cross, regime, regiment, reinforcements, relentless, reparation, reprisal, reputation, rescue, resistance, retaliation, retreat, retribution, revenge, revolution, ricochet, rifle, rift, right on target, riot, rival, rocket, rot, round, ruthless, ruthlessness, saber, saber noise, saber rattling, sabotage, sacrifice, salvage, salvo, sanction, savage, scare, score, scramble, secrecy, sedition, seize, seizure, sensor, setback, shareholder rights plan, sharpshooter, shell, shelling, shock, shock and awe, shoot, shoot the messenger, shooter, shooting the messenger, shot, showdown, siege, skirmish, slaughter, smash, smoking gun, smuggle, soldier, special-op, specialized, spokesman, spotter, spy, spy satellite, squad, stalk, stash, stealth, stock and barrel, storm, storm the castle, straggler, straight shooter, straight-shooter, strangle, strategic, strategist, strategy, strength, strife, strike, strip, stronghold, struggle, submarine, subversive, suffering, superstition, supplies, supply, support, suppression, surprise, surrender, survival, survivor, suspect, sword, tactic, take by storm, tank, tension, terrain, terror, terrorism, terrorist, terrorize, texas sharpshooter fallacy, the bomb, threaten, thug, thwart, time bomb, topple, torch, tornado, torpedo, tourniquet, training, trample, trampling, transportation, trap, trauma, treachery, trench, trigger, triumph, troops, truce, tsunami, tug o' war, tug of war, turbulent, unbelievable, unconventional, under fire, uniform, unify, unit, unite, unleash, unruly, uprising, urgency, vagrant, valiant, valor, vanguard, vanish, vanquish, vehicle, vehicular, vendetta, venomous, versatile, veteran, vicious, victory, vile, vilify, violation, violence, virulence, visionary, vital, vitriol, vociferous, void, vow, vulnerability, wage, war, war chest, war on, war zone, warhead, warplane, warrant, warrior, watchdog, watchful, weapon, well-trained, whiz, win-win game, wince, wisdom, worldwide, wound, wreckage, x-ray, yearn, yelling, zeal, zealot, zeppelin, zigzag, zone,

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